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Pick Up Lines

Question: “So, do pick up lines work? If so, which ones? If not, why?

My first question for you, Mr. Pick up Line Man, whoever you are, is…why? I don’t know who started this whole pick up line thing and consequently, was then convinced that it worked… but Okay. I’ll answer the question…

First of all, women generally like sincerity, honesty, and a genuine ¬†character (usually). In fact, I think most people do. Now, this doesn’t go to say that your pick up line tendencies automatically rid you of those three qualities, but when it comes to randomly “picking up” a woman, first impressions count…. and usually, you’re judged by (1) your actions and/or (2) your communication.

I can’t say that I’ve had pick up lines used on me frequently, but from the few I have experienced, it has never really amounted to anything… at all. However, let me specify something. I HAVE had pick up lines used jokingly on me by someone I either liked or was currently dating. That is a different matter. Using pick up lines with someone you get along with and/or have a mutual interest in is funny… if you’re a funny person, of course. *Shrug* Who knows – It might even be slightly funny if you’re not a funny person. One thing to know is that it really doesn’t matter either way if there is a mutual liking there (or a hope of one).

So, basically, ¬†feel free to use any pick up line you want only if at least one of the following conditions exist: (1) You like the girl and the girl likes you back, (2) you’re funny and can pull off anything, (3) both of the above (ideal). Unfortunately, if you don’t pull off the funny part too well, you’ll just seem cheesy and possibly shallow…or worse.

This advice, of course, doesn’t apply to women with IQs below 70, of course.


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